The Building Block Of Life.

Your Complete Life Blueprint

You are 1 of 7.7 billion people on earth. Your DNA is unique to you, and unlike anyone else’s. It identifies specifically what your body needs, and reveals a clear path to your optimal well-being and performance. Dnation provides the most accurate and comprehensive way to discover your DNA blueprint by simply taking an easy, non invasive cheek swab.

Based on your DNA results, as well as a series of lifestyle assessments, we can provide you with the ultimate wellness solution: One that is uniquely tailored to you!

Gain access to the best skincare and nutritional supplements that are tailor-made to suit your needs. Pair them with personalised dietary and fitness training plans, to unlock your full potential for healthier, more youthful living!

Lose Weight, Not Your Appetite.

Nutrition & Weight Loss

Have you ever struggled to lose weight? What if you could achieve these goals simply by eating normal food? Included with this report is the ‘DNA Diet’. This is an eating plan, based on your DNA results and weight goals that provides you with not only your ideal calorie intake levels (Macronutrients), but also the vitamin and nutrient levels (Micronutrients) your body craves!

This is not a diet. This is an empowered lifestyle change, knowing exactly what your individual body needs for optimal health, and what foods you should avoid.

The ‘Nutrition & Weight Loss’ DNA report reveals the unique blueprint of your body’s nutritional needs, the foods you should avoid, and how you will best lose weight.

By identifying any genetic weaknesses that may affect your biological processes and nutrient absorption, you can now address this with your own personal corrective action plan, and the use of the ‘VieCode’ DNA personalised nutritional supplements.

Faster Results. Less Injuries.

Fitness & Sports Performance

Whether you’re just a beginner, a fitness enthusiast, or an elite level athlete, we’ve got you covered!

Included in this report is the ‘DNA personalised training plan’, an amazing fitness tool providing exercises based on your DNA to help you to get the results you want faster, and avoid injuries.

The report also provides advice for your PT or professional sports trainer, as to how to take full advantage of your genetic profile in your current training regimes.

The ‘Fitness & Sports Performance’ DNA report reveals your unique blueprint of how to maximise your fitness results, athletic or sports performance, and best minimise your risk of injury.

Your personal corrective action plan, and the use of ‘VieCode’ DNA personalised nutritional supplements, will allow you to address any genetic weaknesses that may hinder your performance or make you susceptible to injuries.

Look Younger, For Longer.

Skincare & Anti-Ageing

A healthier, more hydrated, and younger looking you awaits, with our personalised ‘Skincare & Anti-Ageing’ DNA report. Discover the unique blueprint of how your physical appearance, specifically your skin and hair, will be affected by ageing over the course of your life.

Your personal corrective action plan will show you how to adjust your lifestyle to best look after your physical appearance, by identifying any genetic weaknesses that may cause an accelerated appearance of ageing or hair loss.

Our DNA personalised skincare, ‘Vietal’ is formulated based on your unique DNA and lifestyle, to rejuvinate your skin and best preserve a youthful appearance.

Discover Yourself

Personality & Inborn Talents

Recent studies have shown that much of who you are—your talents, personality traits, even your behaviour—Is based on your genetic makeup, combined with your environment and experiences, which shapes who you become.

Using your “Personality & Inborn Talents’ DNA report, you can now unlock deeper insights about your natural inborn talents, abilities and aptitudes.

Unique Personalised Skincare

Your skin is unique! Its firmness, moisture retention, pigmentation, and sensitivity response, as well as a whole range of other metrics, are unique to you. They are programmed into your DNA. Using insights from your Dnation results and your responses from the Lifestyle Assessment, we create a personalised skincare regime that is perfect for you.

Understanding your genetic makeup & lifestyle helps us to formulate anti-ageing products for you to achieve glowing and radiant skin.

Vietal…The future of skincare

Reveal your best-ever skin with our personalised skincare that is formulated based on your unique genes and lifestyle! Only from Vietal, the luxury skincare brand with the most innovation. No more searching for a generic off-the-shelf product, because now your skincare can be tailor-made to you!

Powered by ground-breaking technology from Dnation, our scientists analyse your skin-ageing genes, as well as your lifestyle and environmental factors. From this, they create an ‘Anti-Ageing Logic’ treatment set that provides your skin with exactly what it needs.

Based on the data from your ‘Skincare & Anti-Ageing’ DNA report, we analyse the internal factors that determine your skin’s condition including:

  • Elasticity and Firmness (collagen production)
  • Antioxidation (ability to eradicate free radicals)
  • Skin Irritability (skin sensitivity)
  • Skin Cell Renewal (rate of ability to produce new skin cells)
  • UV Exposure (ability of skin to block harmful UV Rays)
  • Skin Detoxification (ability of skin to cleanse itself)

Based on these traits, your personalised anti-ageing serums are formulated, containing all the appropriate ingredients to address your genetic weaknesses.

According to the easy-to-answer questions in your Lifestyle Assessment, we are able to glean a complete understanding of your lifestyle and habits and how these external factors will affect the condition of your skin. Your responses to the questions help us to evaluate factors such as lifestyle, environment, and external and internal aggressors that determine your skin behaviour at that point in time, as well as your personal skincare priorities. From this information, the day and night creams are personalised based on the specific needs that are highlighted in your Lifestyle Assessment.

Unique Personalised Supplements

Your diet, lifestyle and the genetic makeup of your body are as unique as your fingerprint – that’s why we believe that your nutritional support should be too.

Viecode is next-generation health supplements – fully personalised to your needs. Based on dnation’s extensive DNA test results and a follow-up questionnaire, Viecode creates the exact mix of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that your body needs to live at optimal wellness.

Our team of geneticists and dietitians have designed an innovative approach to evaluate and prioritise your nutritional needs based on truly understanding you inside and out. You can discover how your body responds to particular food and nutrients, how efficient your body absorbs and processes vitamins, and how your DNA makeup may affect your needs for certain nutrients. Viecode’s nutritional plans support a range of goals you may have – from anti-ageing, nutrition and weight loss to sports performance.

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