How to take Your DNA Test

Step 1. What’s included in Your DNA Kit

  1. 2 x Swabs
  2. 2 x Sample Collection Tubes
  3. 4 x Barcode Stickers
  4. 2 x Dri-Capsules (The fresh silica gel is coloured orange and turns green when moisture is absorbed. In the event that the capsule is colored green on removal from the foil pack, this indicates that the capsule has already been exposed to moisture and is not suitable for use. Please contact our customer service at
  5. A Consent form
  6. A Return Envelope

Step 2. Collecting Your DNA Sample

Important: Wait 1 Hour after drinking, eating, smoking or cleaning your teeth before taking your samples. Make sure you are not wearing lipstick or any products around your lips or mouth.

For best results, thoroughly rinse your mouth out with clean water prior to collecting your samples.
1. For each of your two samples, pull open the package.
2. Remove the swab from the tube, taking care not to touch the white swab head with your fingers.
3. Insert the swab into your mouth and rub firmly against the inside of your cheek or underneath lower or upper lip. For standard DNA collection rub for 1 minute using reasonable, firm and solid pressure.
4. Place the swab back into the tube. Do not touch the swab head with your fingers.
5. Place your thumbnail in the small groove set in the handle, then snap the handle in two by bending to one side. When bending the shaft, to make sure the snap point on the edge of the tube top to make it the fulcrum point. Let the swab head fall into the tube.
6. Remove the silica gel capsule from the foil wrapper and place in the tube so that the capsule sits on top of the swab shaft. Seal the tube securely with the cap provided.
7. Peel a barcode sticker and place one on each of the collection tubes. Make sure you apply the barcode on the tube horizontally, as shown:
8. On the consent form, place one of the barcodes in the box provided, write down your information and be sure to sign at the bottom. Seal your consent form (original copy) with 2 collection tubes inside the Yellow return envelope provided.

Step 3. Register Your Sample Online & Mail them back to Us

  1. Log in to your MaVie / Ariix account at … (URL)
  2. Click the “Dnation” tile.
  3. Your “DNA Test & Reports” tile should have a label on it saying, “Register Your DNA Sample”. Click this.
  4. Make sure you enter your Sample Barcode Number correctly, agree to the terms & conditions and confirm all your personal information is correct.
  5. Once complete you will see the return address to write on your return envelop, to send your samples back to us. We strongly recommend using a reliable courier service, such as FedEx so you can track your samples in transit.
  6. Your “DNA Test & Reports” tile will allow you to track the progress of your sample as it moves through the testing process, and when your results are ready. We will also notify you via the email address provided.

Once the lab has received your sample, results are normally ready in 7 working days.

If for some reason your DNA Sample has been damaged in transit or fails during testing, you will be notified by email. You can contact to organise a replacement DNA Kit.